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The straight scoop on how to purchase a home in the Poconos from a veteran of the Poconos Real Estate Business. - Rick Golden, Broker USA Realty

So... you've decided to move to the Poconos? Great! Seriously... you're gonna love it here. There's a lot to do, or if you are moving for the peace and quiet, this is available, too. IF you know where to live.

Some Rules of Thumb:

For every mile you drive west from the Delaware Water Gap you can expect to pay about $1,500 less for the same exact house. This is because of the demand created by New Jersey and New York commuters.

Communities with dues are not necessarily a good buy. You should purchase a home in a community when you are absolutely sure the amenities will provide value for you and/or your family over time. Think of dues as additional taxes. Taxes are to provide services. If you don't use the services, why pay the tax? And what is important here is to consider the future. If you find value in the pool, tennis court and clubhouse for your children, weigh in your decision just how long you expect them to be living with you. If only for a few years, you might be better off living outside a community and joining a local YMCA. Selling the house after you find they are gone and you are not getting value for the amenities can be costly, with transfer taxes, commission and etc.

In the woods or in town? There's not much suburbia here in the Poconos, with the large amount of State, Federal and local parklands and unbuildable property because of terrain and wetlands, we all seem to live either in the woods or in town. If you want to live in town, you'll probably end up in an older home requiring more maintenance. If in the woods, well.... there are animals to contend with along with a drive of a few miles for the basics. Plan on paying for a fairly new car that you will keep in top condition if you choose to live outside of town. At least two if you have 2 or more drivers.

Poconos Home Resale or new? If you would never buy a used car ... the decision is already made... you are going to build. If you enjoy tinkering and fixing, a resale is more likely your choice. But, some of you fixers are going to find out you just can not find the house you want in the resale market... and you'll be converted to building.

Here in the Poconos there is very little cooperation between real estate brokers and builders. This is unlike the rest of the world. Here, if you ask most Real Estate Brokers to guide you through the maze of builders .... you'll just get a blank stare and an offer to show you another farmhouse. Find the right Real Estate Broker, though and he/she can be invaluable in helping you find the right builder for your lifestyle and help you understand, objectively the pricing structure.



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