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USA Realty - Pocono Office Offers you Exclusive Buyer Representation and it's Free!

Buyers: Pennsylvania's "Buyer Agency Law" means you can have an experienced Realtor working for you - absolutely FREE!

How it works: There are two halves to every real estate transaction - the seller's side and the buyer's side. Sellers contractually agree to pay their "Listing Agent" a full Commission. As any listing agent places a home for sale on the listing services, they contractually offer to split that Full Commission with the "Buyer's Agent" who sells the home. So if you purchase a home without a Buyer's Agent, the seller's agent simply keeps the Full Commission without a split.

Would the chance to keep both halves of that full commission cause a seller's agent "bias" to sell you their own listing? The answer is Absolutely!

Since your Buyer's Agent is offered the same split on ANY Pocono listing, there's NO BIAS to toward any particular home.

This means, by working with a Buyer's Agent you achieve dramatically greater integrity of information and disclosure. That's what you're looking for, and exactly what we provide. USA Realty- Pocnoo Office buyer's agents will protect and guide you to help you find the absolute best home for you! It'll often feel like we're talking you out of homes rather talking you into than into them. We feel that once you know Everything about a home - the Good & the Bad - if you still want it, it's the right home for you!

What about buying Pocono New Homes from a builder?
Just like other home sellers, builders provide the commissions for your Buyer Agent at closing. This is fully included in the home's original list price and in no way effects how much you pay for the home. Again, by state law this allows you to have your own representative working on your behalf. There are many potential problems in buying new construction. Be sure you bring your own agent when looking at new home communities.

Why would you think it wise to buy a home directly from the builder's "on-site" agent who solely represents that builder? Using the seller's or builder's agent could be like asking your spouse's divorce attorney to also represent you in the divorce.


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