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Pocono Home Buying AND Selling Tips:
Home Buying Tips

1) Picture This: A picture is worth a thousand words so bring a camera when you're on your next house hunting expedition. Using a Polaroid camera is suggested since you can write notes on what you see when even a picture is not enough.

2) Keep It Clean: Cleanliness is next to heaven so clean and fix your ceilings before showing your home. Buyers will look for cracks and water damage. If they see something wrong, it'll be hard to convince them you already fixed the problem so clean, clean, clean.

3) A House Should Be Your Home: Home is where the heart is so be sure the community you're thinking of moving to can accommodate your lifestyle. You may want to check access to schools, shopping areas, public transportation, libraries, and other areas that are part of your life. You may also want to find out if the area is peaceful enough to enjoy your new home.

4) Property Can Be Real or Personal: Can you take it with you? Real property is anything attached to the home or structured and personal property isn't. It's best to learn more about these differences so you'll know what to and not to include in your purchase agreement.

5) Let's Keep It Real: What you see may not be what you get so, while the internet can offer numerous options, it's good to see your new home up close and personal.

6) Watch Your Backyard: Flowers don't only beautify the soul but they make the yard look nice, too. Take some time to plant some colorful flowers, repaint the patio, and spiff up your lawn furniture.

7) Check it out: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure so get a qualified home inspection before you buy your home. Otherwise, you may wind up paying lots of money for unexpected future repairs.

8) The Nose Knows: The bright colored walls can delight the eye but the scent of fresh paint can induce suspicions so add a few drops of real vanilla extract per gallon of paint to neutralize the smell.

9) The Points: When living long and prospering in your new home, consider discount point on your new mortgage by paying more money upfront to reduce your interest rates. These points can be tax deductible and the seller may be willing to pay for some of them.

10) Your Special Rooms: A tidy home is a happy home so pay special attention to the upkeep of your kitchen and bathrooms. These rooms tell the story of how well the house was maintained to many buyers.

11) Compare Prices: Shopping can save you money so research what similar homes in the Area are going for.

12) Let Your Agent Do the Walking: Your horn sounds better when someone else is blowing it so, if you hire a real estate agent, let them show your home to potential buyers. His/Her experience can make the difference.

13) Don't Worry: Money isn't everything so, if you don't have the usual 20% for the down payment, many lenders let you put as low as 3% down. Never let the amount of money you have determine your value as a home owner.

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