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Poconos Home Buying Tips

The Poconos Mountains are a unique market for real estate. Since the market area is over 2400 square miles and has neighborhoods that are commuter friendly, local resicent oriented, retirement oriented or are appropriate for vacation home living it can get confusing. Even more confusing can be the purchase process. Below are some ideas and page links that will help you find a Poconos home more easily.

Buying a Poconos Home, Tips:

Use a Poconos Buyer's Agent

Why You Should Not Make Any Major Credit Purchases

Getting a Legitimate Local Poconos Lender and Getting Pre-Approved

Finding the Right Seller

Build a Plan of Action and Get Ready

Hot, Normal, and Cold Markets in the Poconos Mountains of PA

Inspections are Important

Avoiding Financial Stress

What Can I Afford? -
Use this Mortgage Calculator to check your affordability index.

What Should I Pay? -
What have the average asking prices been compared to the average selling prices. At any given time you agent should be able to tell you what the average sale price is below listing price.

This will give you an indication of where you might end up conpared to the price the seller is asking. Your agent should also provide you with a list of recent sales (and current listings) in the neighborhood of any house you might be considering buying.

How to Get a Mortgage - Please, Please consider a local lender for your mortgage. It is not possible to tell you all of the horror stories we hear from our customers who go to "the big banks" or " Our hometown branch of a National Bank". These big national banks just really don't care about you. They'll have some smoo sitting in Texas processing your loan who could not care that you have $5 million deposited with their institution in NY. They have 50 applications on their desk to go over today and will get to yours "whenever". Of the last 3 buyer's who used a "big bank" ALL 3 told us they would NEVER do it again.

>> A local lender's products.

>> Current Rates.

>> Compare different types of mortagages.

Buying Land -
In a Community or not in a Community?

Choosing a Builder -
With so many to choose from how do I know who to trust?

Quality of the Schools -
Get reports from the local districts

Crime and Safety -
Compare your current neighborhood to your new choice

Moving Advice -
>> How to hire a reliable mover and plan the move.
>> Driving in PA



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